We offer portfolio management designed to protect and grow wealth over a long-term investment horizon. We specialize in working with expatriate clients who are located in the US and around the world.

Many of our clients are retired US citizens living outside the US or non-US citizens with US investments. For such clients we pay particular attention to currency considerations, taxes, personal finance and apply a global investment program.


Investment Process

Freeman Capital Management offers customized portfolio management to meet the specific financial objectives of our clients.

Our portfolios are a quantitative / tactical asset allocation investment strategy. The asset allocation model utilizes Exchange-traded funds that trade on the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange and can invest in all major asset classes — including U.S. and global equities, emerging market equities, long-term and short-term bonds, currencies and commodities — as market conditions warrant.

As the market becomes more bearish, the model seek a defensive approach; conversely, as the market becomes more bullish, the models aim to become more aggressive. Macro economic trends are evaluated and attractively-priced investments are chosen based on improving relative strength and fundamentals. The portfolios will generally hold 8-10 ETF positions.


• Customized global investment portfolios
• Professional investment guidance based on objective research
• Flexibility – No lock-in periods or contracts
• Personal, comprehensive service regardless of your location in the world
• One-on-one consultations with your Financial Advisor
• Brokerage safety and security: segregated client accounts using a secure login device
• A focused investment strategy
• Ongoing portfolio rebalancing and service

Our Guidelines

• Retirement planning strategies
• US expat tax services
• Global investment portfolios
• Fee only investment advice
• No commissions or sales products
• 100% transparency
• Professional advice
• Peace of mind for your investing