Don Freeman’s Expat Financial Guide:

Tips for Profit and Peace Offshore

This e-book is a must-read for all expats living or about to move overseas. This book includes detailed information on Thailand and is applicable to all expats in any country.

Easy-to-follow checklist of what you need to know regarding banking, retirement, and investing for US and Non-US citizen living overseas.


Written by a professional expat adviser, regulated by the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), with 15 years experience in dealing with cross-border finances.

“Don Freeman’s Expat Financial Guide”  tells you exactly what you need to know about finances, investment and successfully living overseas.

I cover in depth subjects such as:

  • Investing offshore,
  • US Taxes,
  • Your first steps to take offshore,
  • Protect yourself from Cyber Criminals,
  • how to cut investment costs,
  • top 10 investing mistakes,
  • special considerations for Women Expats, budgeting tips and concerns, how to hire and investment advisor who works only for you and not on commission,
  • UK Pension transfers,
  • QROPS,
  • Long term successful investing concepts,
  • financial planning, exchange traded funds,
  • manage currency exposure,
  • rebalancing your portfolio,
  • fee only expat advisors,
  • Expat exit strategy, and a Checklist for Making Your Expat Financial Life as Easy and Profitable as Possible.


“He Knows What He is Talking About”

“I have lived in Thailand for ten years.

They say around here that the best way to end up with a small fortune in Thailand is to bring in a big fortune and invest it; I have seen that work many times.

Freeman can save you the effort. He knows what he is talking about. Follow him and save yourself a lot of grief.

I thoroughly recommend his book to both newbies and old-timers alike.”

- by Frank Wheby


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