Freeman Capital Management


Choosing an investment adviser who is held to a Fiduciary Standard is critical in ensuring that your best interests are protected.

Our services are provided on a fee-only basis, which sets us apart from the great majority of financial advisors. We are not commission-based product pushers. Being a fee-only company, our independent, professional advice and services are never in conflict with your investment goals.

Through our experience and research, Freeman Capital Management has found that the best way to build long term wealth is through a disciplined, tactical approach to portfolio management.   Portfolios are also tailored according to our clients’ individual needs. We manage investments for maximum gains with the least amount of risk, while keeping costs low.

At Freeman Capital Management, your money is never locked in. This means you may withdraw your money at any time, without penalty fees. It also assures that we will continue to provide our high level of financial service and work to grow your assets.



Financial Advice at Freeman Capital Management

How is it different?

  • We are a fee-only independent advisory firm committed to serving only our clients with no conflicts of interest
  • 24-hour online account access
  • We educate investors through our courses, empowering them to make better financial decisions
  • Our advice is untainted by an agenda to sell commission-based products.
  • At Freeman Capital Management you will always receive objective, professional service
  • Flexibility – No lock-in periods or contracts and you can withdraw funds without any penalties
  • Portfolio management on a discretionary basis
  • Personal, comprehensive service for all clients, regardless of their location in the world



Professional Team


We offer investment management and tax preparation services designed to protect and grow wealth over a long-term investment horizon.

We specialize in working with expatriate clients who are located in the US and around the world. Many of our clients are retired US citizens living outside the US or non-US citizens with US investments.




Don Freeman, is the Managing Director of Freeman Capital Management LLC, a US-SEC Registered Investment Advisor, specializing in portfolio management, founded in 2002. Don holds a Series 63 and 65 U.S. Investment Advisor license.

Prior to starting Freeman Capital Management,  Don worked as investment advisor for a U.S. RIA firm in Portland, Oregon.   Don enjoys assisting his clients to find solutions to complicated financial problems. Don has lived over 10 years as an expatriate, enjoys studying foreign languages and working with clients from all cultures and business backgrounds.

Don earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University and worked at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

As a mechanical engineer, Don has a thorough understanding of complex systems and mathematics, which serves him well as an investment analyst and portfolio manager.   An engineer is trained to view problems unemotionally, also vital for the successful investor.  Don has been managing investment portfolios on a discretionary basis since 2002 and overseas investment management and financial planning for his clients.