Google and Priceline: 2 stocks to watch

Google, shown above has formed a double bottom technical base.  I am watching to see if it can clear the upper red line at $580 per share.  This would be positive if a leader tech stocks can hit new highs.

Priceline was a big winner for my clients and my own accounts, from 2007 to 2014 we made over 1000% on Priceline come out of the worst financial crisis (2008).

It has formed a double bottom base over the past 12 months and needs to clear the handle at 1264.  If it can do so and hit new highs  I will consider re-purchasing shares of this leading internet stock.

I am watching the general market but if the major indexes can hit new highs and these stocks blast upward this would be confirmation the next leg up of the bull market is ready.  Also watching the Dow Transports and many other key sectors.

Thank you for reading.